I am a Software Developer for Web & Mobile Applications, who is working remotely as a Senior Engineer for Smart Walkie Pte. Ltd., a Telecommunication Company based in Singapore.

My main responsibility is to develop & maintain high-performance backend system for real-time voice communication app on Android & iOS. SmartWalkie is a Walkie Talkie App on custom Android phones that don’t have the limitation of regular walkie-talkies.

I have been in Software Engineering since 2009 with familiarity on some quite diverse technology stacks. Here is a table of my stacks; based on personal preference vs. mostly used:

Rank Preference Mostly Used
1. Phoenix Elixir Nodejs
2. Ruby on Rails Apple iOS
3. Apple iOS Ruby on Rails
4. Django Python Android
5. Nodejs (Typescript) Django Python
6. Android React Native
7. React Native Phoenix Elixir
8. Golang Golang

also with these supporting (or complementary) tools:

  1. Mac OSX or Linux (Ubuntu)
  2. Terminal with ZSH
  3. Vim with Vundle
  4. Git (Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket)
  5. Cloud Servers (AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean, Vultr) with SSH
  6. Docker & NGINX
  7. Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis

I, my wife, and our little baby girl are living in a small home at Bandung, West Java. We also have two dogs, an old curly white-grey shih-tzu and a tall active ginger pomeranian; both are adopted from a rescuer.

Ping me at twitter @siriusdely or linkedin.com/in/siriusdely.

Thank you for visiting this page.

Regards, Sirius