I am a software developer for web and mobile application. I have been working professionally since 2009, and then remotely since 2016. My early years spent on working for software consultancy companies from where I gained experience from hiring & leading own team, write code, and deal with clients directly; also with extra physical office setup, admin, and offshore legalities.

Nowadays, I spend my time deepening and broadening my software development skills. I have a strong curiosity for information technology and engineering in general. I usually spend hours exploring and tinkering.

Currently, I am working for a Singapore-based push-to-talk app company, whose customers include well-known hotels, taxis, and cargos. My responsibility is on the core server application for receiving and sending the voices. I have significantly improved the performance and reliability of the system with relatively minimum additional operational cost.

I, my wife, and our little baby girl live in Bandung, one of Indonesia’s major cities known for history, culture, and nature.

Kumi, Syl, & Sir

Thank you for visiting this site, where I share my thoughts and experiences. This site is a medium for me to learn to write.

More information can be found on my resume.